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Everything players could want to know about heroes, cards, puzzles, secrets, and more in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is in one convenient place.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Complete Guide

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When the makers of XCOM got together to make a Marvel Superhero game, players thought they knew what to expect. Marvel’s Midnight Suns looked like a nice, tactical strategy game with turn-based movement and attacks. What they got was a full-blown deck-builder with role-playing comprising at least half of the experience.

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Doing something different is a big risk, but Marvel’s Midnight Suns makes the gamble that pays off. The game is the right amount of complex, offering optional secrets, cosmetics, and collectibles if players want to pursue them. In combat, gamers can adjust the difficulty based on how much they want to invest in the strategy side.

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  • Tips & Tricks

    Marvel's Midnight Suns Complete Guide 1st Section

    There are more than just a few systems and currencies in the game. Taken individually, each bit of Essence, Gloss, and Heroism can be explained succinctly, but it’s normal for new players to get overwhelmed by the volume of these little pieces thrown at them.

    Whether it’s a beginner trying to learn or an expert looking to farm, gamers should find they can gain a mastery of each system the game offers by learning about them.

    • Basics

      Marvel's Midnight Suns Captain Marvel In The War Room

      Don’t get overwhelmed by the various stats and status effects. With a grasp of the basics, players can be excited about new cards and teammates instead of being confused by what they might offer.

    • Tips

      Marvel's Midnight Suns Team Checking Out A Site

      There are many ways to get through the game’s campaign, but there are definitely ways to do it better. Gamers that care about style and toughing it out on the game’s hardest difficulties can always use improvement through sound advice.

    • Currency & Resource Information

      Marvel's Midnight Suns Opening An Arcane Chest

      The concept of “money” in the game can get blurry. With Gloss, Essence, two different kinds of Credits, Intel, and more, it’s easy to get them all jumbled up. But they each have their own role to play and ways to get earned.

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  • Hero Central

    Marvel's Midnight Suns Complete Guide 2nd Section

    The most important part of a superhero game is the superheroes. The Midnight Suns are all Marvel heroes, but they represent characters from several different franchises coming together to stop an apocalyptic event.

    Exactly how these various heroes sync up at home and on the battlefield is directed by both scripted plot and player choice. Gamers get to take on the role of The Hunter and insert themselves into the middle of this all-star cast.

    • Unlocking Heroes

      Marvel's Midnight Suns Team On Top Of Avenger Tower

      Players who have favorite heroes may or may not have to wait for them to appear. While most heroes are going to show to use no matter what, gamers can decide to unlock a specific one before exploring the side missions.

    • Best Decks & Cards

      Marvel's Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Using Lash

      The highlight of the game’s experience has got to be the deck building for each hero. Players can decide which moves they like for their favorite superheroes. To beat the game’s most difficult challenges, they’ll need to use each one’s best abilities.

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  • Puzzles, Collectibles & Mission Assistance

    Marvel's Midnight Suns Complete Guide 3rd Section

    Games that have tactical combat usually forgo the puzzles and collectibles side of things, but this game is a welcome exception. The abbey has so many secret areas that it’s easy to get lost in the semi-open world portion.

    These areas are technically optional, but there are major story elements and in-game rewards for those who do decide to venture on this path. Beyond mere completionist credit, gamers will have many reasons to uncover the secrets in the area.

    • Secrets

      Marvel's Midnight Suns Meeting Wolverine

      The abbey is home to substantial mysteries. Some of these hidden and blocked-off areas hide secrets about The Hunter’s past. Others give gamers collectibles and boosts to reward inquisitive minds.

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