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Couple transform rotting house with tiny budget

Before and after (Picture: Jam Press)

One couple added an incredible £35,000 to the value of their property after transforming the space into a modern family home.

Will Evans, 27, a content creator from Devon, UK, completely altered the home in a revamp that cost less than £3,500.

He and his partner, Britt, 26, purchased the three-bedroom, three-bath, detached property for £280,000 in May 2021.

The home, however, needed extension work and modernisation.

Although, some may have questioned the purchasing decision, the pair saw the potential immediately.

And so, just four months later, they transformed the home on a tight budget and moved into the abode in February 2022.

By doing the work themselves, the duo believe they’ve saved an estimated £10,000.

‘We could see the potential for a brilliant first home and future family home, but it was very outdated, so needed some re-decorating,’ Will told NeedToKnow.online.

‘The house had a few faults, such as leaking bathrooms, but we were told that these had been fixed – upon moving in, we discovered this wasn’t the case.

‘We wanted a calm, rustic feel [throughout], such as lots of reclaimed wood and wooden features. To begin, we just painted everything white to give us a blank canvas.’

Will had never renovated a property before, but did have the necessary skills after converting multiple camper vans in the past.

To begin, the pair ripped out all the old carpets and pulled up the original underlay, as well as staples in the floor.

The carpets before

Before the carpets were pulled up (Picture: Jam Press)

‘We then replaced some of the chipboard that had been damaged by urine,’ Will added.

‘The next stage was to clean everything to try and remove the smell, before moving on to decorating the whole house – which included the walls, ceilings, radiators and new skirting boards.

‘In the lounge, we removed the electric fire and fireplace, and in the kitchen, we removed the lino, tiles and plywood.

‘Next, we laid new wooden laminate floorboards and painted all the cupboards white.’

The living room after (Picture: Jam Press)

Britt and Will then removed all the blinds on every window and put up new curtains. They also purchased new furniture, including a sofa.

It was a similar story in the office, with only cosmetic additions needed. These included painting the wall a dark green shade and building new shelving.

The office space before (Picture: Jam Press)

Both admit the work wasn’t too vigorous.

They upgraded the space to a ‘comfortable level’ using basic skills and tools. In total the rooms have cost them £2,400.

The office space (Picture: Jam Press)

However, one room which needed a complete overhaul was their en-suite bathroom. The space had been hampered as a result of bad tiling, leakage and rotting floorboards.

For the space, they purchased a new shower from Victoria Plumbing, cabinets from B&Q, as well as flooring from King’s Carpets.

‘The shower tiles weren’t tiled in properly and therefore, the shower water leaked down the back of the shower and onto the chipboard floor, which was rotted completely,’ Will explained.

‘When we moved in, we turned the shower on and the water went straight through the floor into the living room below.

Will renovating the bathroom (Picture Jam Press Vid)

‘Luckily, we have a builder in the family who had lots of experience and skills to help us with some advice.

‘Along with the help from my partner’s dad, we pulled off all the plastic tiles and deconstructed the old shower frame, before removing the shower tray to see the damage underneath.

‘We took out the toilet, radiator and sink to inspect the rest of the floor, which was black and decomposing.’

What was underneath the floorboards (Picture: Jam Press)

He contined: ‘After removing all the floor and wall tiling using a hammer and chisel, we saw the shower was leaking from the U-bend part of the pipe, which needed replacing.

‘We had a plasterer come in and do all the walls, with an electrician installing some LED spot lighting in the ceiling, as well as a new extractor fan.

‘After sticking on new skirting boards, we painted the bathroom a light green colour and purchased a new sink wall cabinet, shower glass and frame, as well as shower boards.

‘Finally, we installed the sink, toilet and shower back in, before putting the laminate flooring down.’

The bathroom after (Picture: Jam Press)

After three months, the space was almost complete. Currently, two out of the three bathrooms still need a overhaul.

In total, the couple have spent an estimated £3,200 on the renovation.

In a recent valuation, the couple claims they have added more than £35,000 to the value of their property – with an estimated price of £315,000.

The pair still have big plans for the home with an extensions and open-plan kitchen/dining area on the cards.

Hard work aside, Will and Britt loved the process and now advise other hopeful DIY enthusiasts to use the internet as much as possible.

Will has even shared his own renovation tips on social media.

‘I’ve really enjoyed making videos to help others with their own renovations while sharing my own experiences,’ he said.

‘My advice is to do what you can yourself, as you can learn anything on YouTube if you’re willing to put in any effort.

‘It’s not easy working multiple jobs and renovating a house, but if you do not afford some hard work, then it’s easy enough to do.’

Cost breakdown:

Kitchen: £100

Living room, hallway, main bedroom, office, spare room (carpets, painting, etc…): £2,400

En-suite: £700

Total: £3,200

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