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Could Angelina Jolie’s hottest business enterprise undertaking have implications for household furnishings? | Cindy W. Hodnett

In a modern Women’s Have on Day by day tale, columnist Miles Socha overviews a new small business launching with actress Angelina Jolie at the helm, and though any particular person might or not embrace the thought at 1st glance, Atelier Jolie most certainly gives appealing food items for considered in the item advancement world of the potential.

Described as a “newfangled variety of fashion household in which shoppers perform the part of the designer,” Atelier Jolie will provide as a platform where by consumers can collaborate with tailors, sample makers and artisans to develop 1-of-a-sort fashions. Scheduled to launch on May 31, Atelier Jolie presents a glimpse of what’s to occur on its current site.

“Why merely purchase the style and design of a different man or woman, when you can build on your own?” Jolie writes. “We can all collect, recognize and be motivated by the designs of many others. But the best kind of self-expression — and I consider the most pleasurable — is to build for ourselves.”

Jolie clarifies that Atelier Jolie fashions will be developed working with “only curated excellent classic content and deadstock,” and she notes that individuals will be capable to “repair or upcycle a piece from your closet you desire to revive, breathing new daily life into what could have been thrown absent.”

Stressing the plan of a neighborhood of creativity and inspiration, she points out that the platform “will highlight the people today who enjoy a aspect in just about every creation.”

Jolie is merging craft and sustainability with consumers’ motivation to specific individuality, and it doesn’t get a great deal to have the notion into the furniture and décor arena. Picture a location where people today can recreate present household products and solutions into a uniquely unique piece, a system where Grandma’s beloved couch may have just been supplied a theoretical thumbs up by Hollywood pop culture.

Recycled components. Sustainability. Individuality. 1-of-a-kind. Understand any buzzwords?

Systems evolving at lightning pace are creating new alternatives in every arena from solution progress and design to advertising and marketing and retail.

With that as a backdrop, might there be an option for an Atelier Jolie-kind of residence furnishings platform exactly where inherited or recycled furnishings functions as the commencing point for a new customized piece, a place the place designers or retailers enable their purchasers locate the wanted artisans to upcycle an existing piece into a operate of artwork and aid the method?

Surely, it’s significantly less complicated to develop a redesigned fashion product when in contrast with a couch or even an accent chair. But Jolie has tapped into a existing mood, and it is just one that research implies has remaining electricity. Atelier Granny Chic, any one?

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