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2023 Could Be the Year of 3D Printed Homes in the US: Photos

Next year, homes built using 3D printers could be the hottest trend in the home construction industry.


Throughout 2022, homes built using 3D printers have popped up across the world from a luxury house with printed walls in Austin, Texas …

Icon's over 2,000-square-foot House Zero in Austin. There's a driveway leading up to the home.

Icon’s over 2,000-square-foot House Zero in Austin.

Brittany Chang/Insider

Source: Insider

And the momentum behind printed homes won’t be slowing down in the new year.

The walls of a 3D printed home among a construction site.

3DCP Group

Several major 3D printing construction projects are slated to finish next year.

The ADU in a backyard

Azure Printed Homes

And by the end of 2023, we could see people living in 3D-printed homes made of recycled plastic …

People in front of an ADU

Azure Printed Homes

… studying in printed schools …

Thinking Huts' 3D printed school building with flowers in the foreground.

BOTO Friddet

… and reserving units for a 100-home community built with the help of several printers.

Icon's 100-home 3D printed community


The housing market has been in flux over the last few years amid COVID-19, inflation, supply chain restraints, fluctuating demand, and rising interest rates.

Housing market home for sale

People walk by a sold sign in front of a house along the Erie Canal in Pittsford, New York, on Monday, Sept. 6, 2021.

Ted Shaffrey/AP Photo

A 3D printer can’t solve all of these problems.

A 3D printer is building a concrete house.

Aiman Hussein

But proponents of the construction tech — like Zack Mannheimer, CEO of 3D printing construction startup Alquist — believe printing may alleviate some of the sore spots in the traditional home building process.

A 3D printer printing concrete onto a wall. A person is kneeling next to the printer.


Source: Insider

Using 3D printers to build houses reduces the time, cost, waste, and physical labor needed to construct a home.

the printer printing a home

The 3D printer.


In the future, these cuts will be more dramatic.

A printer creating a 3D printed home.

3DCP Group

But as of now, many companies have yet to achieve what they say will be the full potential of the nascent technology.

Inside the 3D printed home


And the majority of startups are only printing the layered walls, leaving the remainder of the home to be built “traditionally” …

The home being 3D printed

The site of the 3D-printed home.

Habitat for Humanity